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Paint Nail Bar reopens on Suncoast - The Suncoast News

SARASOTA (WSNN) - The Suncoast feels the therapeutic effects of going back to nail salons. 

On Monday, hair salons, nail salons and barbershops reopened. And, Paint Nail Bar opened Tuesday.

Co-founders, Mark and Michele Schlossberg say things haven't changed much as far as appointment goes because that's how they normally operated. Only now, doors are locked.

And when clients enter, they’ll find a station with hand sanitizer and a spray bottle to clean phones. Face masks are required for both employees and clients.

Technicians wipe down their area between each person, and nothing is reused.

And clients are spread out every other station.

The Schlossbergs say the energy on opening day was incredible, as it was evident the clients felt the therapeutic effects of going back.

"At one point I told Mark, I looked across the pedicure station and all three clients that were spaced out were sitting there, laid back with their eyes closed," Michele said. "And, it’s almost as if they transitioned to a different state when they left, of how much they really needed it."

"They know at Paint, they’re safe," Mark said. "They’ve always been safe. We go above and beyond code, we always have."

The Schlossbergs say it’s nice to be around other people in a semi-normal environment again.

And to meet the demand, they’re opening Paint Nail Bar 7 days a week with extended hours.

They’re a franchise of about 15 stores and Sarasota is their flagship salon.

All of them closed for about a month, but as states reopen, the stores reopen.


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