A delightful nail bar experience.



Uptown girl (or guy) mani/pedi

Uptown Girl (or Guy) PAINT Services are designed to deliver complete nail care as well as comfort and relaxation. They include nail maintenance, hydrating cuticle care, and an aromatic, exfoliating sugar scrub up to the wrist or ankle. Uptown Girl/Guy PAINT Pedicures include a painless alpha-hydroxy-acid heel smoothing treatment. The services are finished off with a luxurious hot towel treatment, a relaxing massage, and polish.

Gel mani/pedi

Upgrade your service to include no-chip, LED polish! This gel lacquer is a “true” gel, not a resin hybrid, and will not dry out your nail plates or cause the white discoloration that resin polishes leave behind. Each coat of No Chip Paint cures completely to a rockhard, high gloss finish that lasts!

Lickety-split mani/pedi

Lickety-Split Services are quick services that are great for professionals who are on their lunch breaks. Each includes polish removal, cuticle treatment, nail maintenance, and the client’s choice of polish or a high-shine buff.



The PAINT Nail Bar philosophy is simple: to provide a luxurious experience for every woman. We think it's ok to be bougie every now + then and we provide the ultimate venue for just that!

Our fume-free environment is expertly designed with elegant decor, large selection of premium products + accessories and high sterilization standards ensure the utmost perfection in aesthetic, comfort + cleanliness. Oh, and our complimentary mimosas are just the cherry on top!


5-7-9 FREE


All of our lacquers are vegan and formaldehyde-free and we only use LED lamps for curing our water-based gel polishes.



Bacteria thrive in whirlpool jets.  Therefore, we have chosen ceramic pedicure basins instead, guaranteed not to harbor bacteria.



Our nail artists are extensively trained in technique, sanitation + modern trends ensuring your best mani/pedi ever!



The atmosphere at PAINT is always relaxed, with positive energy flowing freely, from both our clients and staff.


We also always love acting as host to our clients’ special events, whether they be fund-raisers, birthday parties, bridal showers, baby sprinkles, or just a great time get together.


We will make sure you and your guests have a night, or day, to remember. We can make all the arrangements for food, beverages, and décor, or we can work with you hand-in-hand to assume whatever role you wish.


We guarantee one certainty: the environment will be lovely and vibrant, and the nail services will be second to none.


PAINT Nail Bar (HQ)
1417 1st St • Sarasota, FL 34236

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