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anyone can make a
salon look pretty, but...

At PAINT we understand that we are not a “nail salon,” although we do nails. We do
not look, feel, or smell like a traditional nail salon. From our custom-built furniture to
our odorless environment, unparalleled staff development and engagement strategies,
nails may be the trade, but relationships and client experience are the business.
Our objective is to ensure that at the end of every service, every client feels that going
anywhere other than PAINT would not be possible or tolerable because a new standard has been set.

Whether it is cleanliness, color selection, client service, nail art, environment,
attention to detail, or the wonderful energy at PAINT…you name it, we’ve thought of
it, developed it, and fine-tuned it based on staff and client feedback.

In addition, we believe that promoting the health and integrity of your natural nail is
our paramount. Whether you like your nails short, long or “just so,” our technicians
are the BEST in the industry and take the time it takes to satisfy our clients’ wishes.
Traditionally, women and men have the choice of going to either an “in n’ out” strip
mall nail salon or having a manicure or pedicure at a spa.

What if… clients have the convenience of an ideally located salon with a lovely and
warm aesthetic and customer service philosophies that blow even the best spa
experience out of the water (fun pun)?

Mix in a ton of fun, lovely and rewarding client experiences, and an elite knowledge
base of staff and management…and you will find PAINT Nail Bar.


cleaner, lovelier practices for you
and the planet.


Sterilized Implements
All tools used during your nail service have been sterilized in a hospital grade
AUTOCLAVE. Implements are pre-cleaned with soap and water, dried, sealed into a
sterilization envelope, and autoclaved. They remain sterile inside the envelope until
your service begins. Autoclaving is the highest level of sterilization and is standard
procedure at medical facilities in the U.S. (in accordance with AMA, FDA & EPA guidelines). This is the only process guaranteed to kill spores. Immersion disinfection,
the standard practice used in salons, is not sufficient to completely eradicate all
microbial life.

PLUS NO UV lamps used for gel manicures, only LED for our clients!

AND one-time use of files and buffers.

Committed to your health and the earth through our choices in product lines
All nail products are not created equal. At PAINT we believe that ingredients matter
which is why we are non-negotiable when it comes to which polish lines we use.
Whether or not you are familiar with what 5, 7, or 9-free means; we know that if given
the option, our clients want less exposure to toxins. Not only is this a critical
component of your self- care (after all, taking care of yourself the healthiest way
possible is key) but our talented nail technicians also reduce the risk of compromised
health by working with less toxic products.

Also, you won’t ever walk in to PAINT Nail Bar and experience unpleasant odors or
see our technicians using drills...they aren’t necessary because our product lines are the HEALTHIEST & CLEANEST (yes, think clean beauty) on the market.

Learn more about our products >

NO whirlpool pedicure thrones
No matter how thoroughly cleaned, dangerous bacteria thrives in the plumbing and
filters of whirlpool jets. Therefore, we have chosen ceramic pedicure basins that can
be thoroughly cleaned between clients and are guaranteed not to harbor bacteria.
At PAINT, you can soak your toes worry-free with no “ick” factor.

At PAINT, we know that our technicians are the foundation of our success. These talented artists are dedicated to their craft and are gifted listeners & collaborators that strive to meet & exceed client expectations.

Therefore, we provide more than simply a place to work, we provide a career
opportunity where technicians are encouraged to express their talents and contribute
to brand development. We invest heavily in continuing education and dynamic staff
development strategies for all who join the team at PAINT Nail Bar.

Client feedback is uniform and constant, referring to our technicians as the most
engaging, professional, and technically sound in the industry. Furthermore, our technicians appreciate and embrace the PAINT Nail Bar brand standard of beautiful work done in a healthy and safe environment, regarding both products and protocols.


Our technicians (a.k.a. nail artists)


Mark & Michele

People are surprised to know that it was Mark Schlossberg who, in 2008, originally conceptualized PAINT Nail Bar. Years later, in 2014, Mark began developing the concept for PAINT Nail Bar before his wife, Michele Schlossberg, joined the adventure.

Together, Mark and Michele have created a brand whose philosophies, standards, and systems. With a fundamental focus on staff development and training, they have introduced new meaning to client engagement and client experience in the fragmented world on nail salons.

It is Mark & Michele’s foundational understanding that at PAINT Nail Bar, nails may be the trade, but it is the relationships & relational psychology with both staff and clientele that are the heart & soul of the business.

With a lovely aesthetic & a culture unmatched by any other brand, this “secret sauce” at PAINT has led to its’ success & reputation as the industry leader in client experience.

To quote the founders, "creating a beautiful space with high sterilization protocols can and is being done more and more in the industry today, but it is our best practices that our clients and competitors cannot see, the training, the counter intuitive ideology, the systems, that no other brand has been able to decode."

That fact is evidenced by PAINT Nail Bar’s unparalleled staff and client loyalty.

While Mark is a passionate entrepreneur of 26 years who has started and sold several successful companies, leading his prior business (he was a franchisee) to number one in the nation, Michele, enjoyed a successful career in corporate America in the cosmetics and nutrition industries. Michele has always had a love affair with everything beauty and fashion and guides PAINT Nail Bar’s product and retail identity.
With PAINT Nail Bar, Mark and Michele’s goal was to conceive and bring to fruition a beautiful, hygienic nail salon that felt like a home—a chic home—where guests are welcomed with affordable luxury services, exceptional sterilization standards, and impeccable customer service.

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