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How to Find Perfect Fit Western Saddle for The Rider

The best way to ensure a proper fit is shopping for a saddle that matches your body type and riding habits. Saddles are often custom-designed according to the height, weight, and body type of the rider who will be using them.

The most popular form of riding is the Western style. It is common for western riders, who spend much of their time in the saddle, to have seats that are fitted to their specific needs and preferences. Saddles alone would lead you to believe there is a different model for each body type and weight. However, that is not the case. Since everyone has a different appearance and what they like in their seats is completely personal, so finding the right saddle can be daunting if you don't know how shoes are sized or what your body type is like.

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How To Measure Perfect Western Saddle For Horse

Saddles are measured by the length of a horse’s back and the centerline of its girth. The width of the base is based on your own specific body dimensions, with your shoulders being measured across each wing of the saddle. After identifying your own personal measurements, you can make a purchase based on your intended riding style.

Your height, weight, and body type will determine which saddle size will work best for you. Most companies offer a specific sizing chart for customers shopping for a western saddle. You can select our beautiful premium leather wide collection Western Saddle For Sale.

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Considered by many to be the most important fitting aspect of a good western saddle, the seat must properly fit your body type and allow you to sit comfortably. A western saddle has many parts and is held together with leather straps that are adjusted via buckles and buckles which are tightened using a measure called “close”. Most companies sell relatively reliable length adjustments but if you can’t get them tight in one session or don’t want to tighten them all the way every time you ride your saddle needs some adjustment when new.

When shopping for leather or Synthetic Western saddle you need to find the one that fits your size and riding style. The majority of western saddles are fitted to both the rider and horse based on height, weight, and body type. Find your size with our Saddle Finder Tool

Western saddles are either fitted with nylon or leather pads that provide your horse with comfort. If you have a newborn foal, choosing the right saddle is even more important. The foal's legs need to be lifted off the ground so that it can balance itself while moving around. Your foal may not even be able to sit straight up yet and still needs to be tenderly handled so as not to injure its soft bones.

Western saddles are often purchased based on what fits you the best. If you are interested in an adjustable saddle, we suggest sizing up if cycling a great deal or down if cycling less frequently. Adjustable western saddles provide for a truly customized fit that allows for all three components of a riding experience to fit together comfortably, and comfortably in between.

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