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Jordyn Forsdick-Stevenson

“Jordyn has the ability to nama makanan khas jawa timur create beautiful dances and intricate choreography that highlight the dancers in an amazing way. She has a style that is strong, unique and graceful. She works well with a team and also can lead by example. She is mature beyond her years but most importantly, she is talented and that shows in the pieces that she creates.” — Lindsey Lee, Dana Hills High School

Riley Fox

“She has one of the most creative and intelligent minds and she uses that to create the most beautiful dances for her peers. I always see her working during her lunch break and after school to create these pieces and they are always my favorite.” — Lindsey Lee, Dana Hills High School

Grace Giranda

“Grace Giranda is a beautiful and gifted dancer. She is trained in ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, and broadway dance. She has been a featured dancer in all of my musical theater productions. I’m so proud of Grace’s beautiful talents that grace our stage but also her grit and positive attitude and love of dance!” — Kirsti McCleary, San Clemente High School

Devin Glass

“In my years of teaching, I have only come across a few students who are truly captivating to watch. Devin Glass is one of those students. Devin came into my program already very talented with a lot of training, performance experience, and just an overall natural ability to entertain. Devin has continued to gain in technicality, but also slot terbaru his artistry has expanded so much over the past year and a half.” — Andrea Oberlander, Fullerton Union High School

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