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How to choose the time to work on a book: looking for opportunities

Seven ways to make time to write a book

Get up an hour or an hour and a half earlier (option for "larks").

I've always envied those who get up at six in the morning. Writing in the morning is a good approach: your head is fresh, it's easy to focus on your work, no one distracts you. And most importantly, then the whole day you are warmed by a very pleasant feeling - the satisfaction of having made a step toward the goal.

An important point: be sure to move and time off, otherwise you risk overwork, burnout and a creative crisis.

Look for free minutes during the day.

Write in transportation, on your way to and from work. If you get to the office by car, record the text on a Dictaphone. You can also do this when you do other activities that leave your head free and allow you to speak. If you find yourself in a line somewhere and have to wait, take out your notebook or tablet and keep working on your book.

An important point: find and always keep a writing tool that is convenient for you personally - a notebook with a pen, a dictaphone, a tablet or a smartphone.

Write talking points and short notes, sketches for descriptions and vivid lines of dialogue.

If it's hard to focus and find the right words in the hustle and bustle of the workday, write in incorrect, approximate, inaccurate terms. Write "dirty" or short. Write however you want. The main thing is to be understood later and be able to decipher.

An important point: homework help chemistry once or twice a week, set aside 2-3 hours to process your drafts and type from your rough notes.

Write in the evening if you can afford it (an option for "owls").

When you get home, give yourself time to rest and switch gears. Cook or warm up dinner, do one or two household chores. But do not get carried away and do not try to do all the accumulated work - the book is more important. Allocate yourself an hour or two for quiet work.

The important point: the main thing is not to overstay and finish so that you have time to sleep. Otherwise, see the first point: overwork - and hello again, creative crisis.

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