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How to Choose the Best Platform Bed: Experts Advice

Looking for a new bed frame? If the answer is yes the best platform bed should be your number one choice.

Platform beds come with many benefits that include:

Compatible with most mattress types No need for a box spring A variety of styles to choose from Multipurpose, because of the storage features However, picking a bed frame is not an easy task, and knowing the type, quality, and place to shop for one is extremely important. A perfect bed frame should accommodate your preferred preference and taste. If you are looking to buy a platform bed, here are some factors to consider first:

#1. Size

The size of your bedroom determines the size of your bed frame. The perfect bedframe ensures no gaps in between the headboard shielding your mattress from sliding off. Additionally, a bed space allowance of 2 to 3 feet is enough to enable you to move around comfortably.

The standard platform bed size in the market measures 78 inches by 82 inches. However, you can always order or customize your bedframe to fit your needs.

Here is a guide of platform beds and their compatible mattresses: The full bed is perfect for a couple and measures 54 inches by 75 inches giving you ample sleeping space.

Most popular is the queen bed with a measurement of 60 inches by 80 inches. Have a room space of 30 inches.

The standard king bed measures 76 inches by 80 inches. It is the widest bed frame. California king bed measuring 72 inches by 84 inches is the longest.

#2. Material The choice of material, whether wood or metal, depends on the taste of the buyer. Some may consider wood for the classic style while others metal bed frames for their durability and ease of assembly.

Ensure your platform bed frame choice support all your bed activities such as using a laptop on the bed or having children play around. The best choice for a sexually active couple is a metal or a hardwood bed frame. Always ensure your headboard is steadily joined.

#3. Health

Your health should be the number one priority when choosing a bed frame. Go organic and avoid beds made from high volatile organic compounds. Provide safety measures for your children by ensuring no loose hardware or screws.

Go for an adjustable platform bed that gives you the luxury of adjusting its position. This elevates your head giving you a comfortable sleep specifically if you have respiratory problems such as asthma. Additionally, joint and back pain are other health problems that can be solved by sleeping on such a bed.

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Closing Thoughts

Due to their popularity, it is difficult not to find a platform bed that meets your needs. Strive to select the best bed frame in the market keeping in mind it is the most functional furniture in any home.Historia


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