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Sure enough, after knowing the arrival time of both sides, many people mostly went to the landing place of the temple. Obviously, the weight of the four families in many people's minds is still far higher than that of the maniacs. Afterwards, the man who found out about it was very angry, who told him not to go with the Demon Gate and the Sword Gate, and the temple was just a clever arrival time to steal the limelight of the maniac. At the same time, it is tantamount to taking away the influence of the maniac. Many forces close to the fanatics changed their minds or became indecisive after comparing the momentum of the two families when they arrived, and a small move by the temple saved the impact of its defeat in the Piaofeng Empire. Diplomacy. Sometimes it is these seemingly insignificant things that are compared. The maniac also has its own property in the Federal Star. The three buildings, which cover a very wide area and are connected together to form a triangle, are nearly one kilometer high. This is also an important source of funds for the maniac in previous years. The whole building is the highest building in the area where it is located. This is also the ancestral property left by the crazy family when it flourished. This area happens to be the most prosperous area of the whole Federal Star. Every year, the crazy family collects management fees, rents and so on, which can make many businessmen jealous. The exclusive area of the crazy family is located at the top of the three buildings. The division is also very particular. The owner's residence is located in the highest of the three buildings, and the top ten floors are assigned to the owner's exclusive use, and only when the owner comes will it be used. However, the owners of the crazy family have only been here three or five times in tens of thousands of years,aluminium tile trim profiles, which is indeed a very serious waste. The next top floor is the exclusive use of the young master of the family, but the crazy family has rarely established the name of the young master for more than ten thousand years, as early as a long time ago, they learned that other families only set up family heirs. The top of the third building is used by the immediate family members of the head of the family. If the heirs of the crazy family come to the Federal Star, they can only live here, which is also the most used place. Every dozens of floors of the three buildings have a connecting passage for people living and working


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